Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Sunday I took the time (that I should have used for more important things) and made a completely (un)necessary bag!
A bit of brain jogging to find out how to put in the window without making the complete lining from plastik.
To compensate that you can't hide any secrets inside :-) I added a cover that can be closed by pulling the two stings tight.
I think it's a funny bag, but to be honest: I don't really have use for it!

A bientôt,

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Autumn leave printing

I tried a printing technique with leaves that I found on pinterest. You are using fresh leaves and painting them from the back with felt pens in different colors. This is so much less messy than printing with water colors! Still you get colored fingertips so when putting the leave with the color side down on a paper, it is best to cover the leave with a scrap paper so when pressing the leave onto the paper, you are not leaving traces with your dirty fingers.
The results are stunning and I loved doing the printing! 
I did some post cards (there are some autumn birthdays ahead),...
... a page marker,
... a note block for shopping lists that is already with a friend of mine,
... and I decorated a notebook.
I also did this printing technique with the kids in my crafting classes. They did really nice works too. I like to show them crafting that they can do also alone at home, not needing lots of special equipment.

A bientôt,

Monday, 18 September 2017

Matching bag and pouch

What is Jane sewing when she gets an adorable new wax-cloth?
Exactly: A little bag!
This time accompanied by a little pouch. I doubled the pouch and made nearly a knot in my brain, by thinking of how I could turn it :-) It didn't worked how I wanted, but I am anyway satisfied with the pouch.

A bientôt,

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Upcycling a children armchair

One very little crafting project I made during summer-renovation-time was to jazz up an old children armchair from the Swedish furniture store. We bought it for our youngest, but he never really used it, as our cat occupied it for years. Now she prefers the sofa and little son is too tall to be comfortable in it, so we decided to hand it down to our little niece. The cushion was smudgy, but with lots of soap I got it back to its original beige color. Except some black spots. To cover them I drew flowers over them with fabric paint. 
Looks nice, doesn't it?

At least it is usable again! And my sister in law can add flowers to it, whenever her daughter is causing the next spot :-)

A bientôt,

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Fox bonnet

Yesterday a friend passed by with a pattern, fabric and some pre-cut pieces and together we made for the birthday of her animal-loving son a fox bonnet. Then we forced my son to wear it for test and we took this photo. It happened that the t-shirt of my son fits perfectly the bonnet :-)

A bientôt,

Monday, 28 August 2017

Floor Patchwork

This has been a long summer break that I took! But I have been so busy! 
You ask with what?
Patchwork! Mainly patchwork!
And I guess now you want to see photos of nice blankets or wall hangings or at least tops that are awaiting quilting! Sorry, it hasn't been that kind of patchwork. My husband and me did floor patchworking! Not creative, not colorful, but dusty and heavy and it seemed to never end!

We renovated our basement floor this summer and installed a floor heating system! It took much more time than estimated, mainly because of delivery delays for nearly all materials. But after 6 weeks we finaly have our new floor and we love it! Also we repainted the walls and everything feels new and fresh. Of course we are still in the process of finishing all the little corners that rests always after you finish the main work and putting back all furnitures and stuff takes also a while. But the end is in sight.
So hopefully I soon will be able to blog about some creative things!

SU soon!

A bientôt,

Monday, 10 July 2017

Tree in a circle

In the weaving class we made woven trees in branch circles. I made a test one for myself first and it was quite tricky to put the warp thread. I let the kids do it two by two, so one always hold the circle and the middle of the tree, where the trunk ends, and the other put the threads.
Next step is to wrap the trunk and a bit the ground around it. I let some strips hang down as roots. 
But the kids didn't like the roots and made just simple grounds. This is how far we got the first afternoon:
I even started some branches before starting the weaving and feared a bit that all kids want to do the same and would never finish, but no. The same with my weaving, I tried to do it with lots of different colors in spots and not half circles, but the kids weren't inspired to do the same. They had been happy by weaving lines.
During the second afternoon, we all added pearls to our weaving. And finally at the third afternoon, we finished the project. I didn't expect it to last that long. But everybody was happy in the end with his tree. Unfortunately I only have 3 of the four trees on photo:

The last one had used very thin wool for the weaving and it would have taken hours to finish, so I proposed some clouds that are a nice twist also.
During the weaving process I had to fix the warp threads for the kids with tape to the circle, because they always moved.
A nice project and the kids liked it, even when they were getting a bit inpatient in the middle. But this could have been also because of the incredible heat we had.

A bientôt,